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Why am I here?

Thank you for stopping by! We at the Cowichan Valley School District (SD 79) are evaluating our website (, with a focus on learning how we can continue to improve it and make it a valuable source of information for all members of our community.

So why are you here? We are looking for your feedback on the content of our website. To get that feedback, we are asking you to take 5-10 minutes to complete one of our surveys.

There are four easy steps to navigate through this webpage. If you’re short on time or just here to provide some feedback, feel free to skip right to Step 2 (the survey).

STEP 1: Read about SD 79

If you want to learn a little more about who School District 79 is before you take a survey, click on “About SD 79” and take a read.

STEP 2: Select and take a survey

This survey is to help us get feedback on our website. You may have noticed that our surveys are broken into four groups of website users: students, parents, employees, and community members:

  • Students: current or recently graduated SD 79 students.
  • Parents: parents of a student attending a SD 79 school or program, including parents of recent graduates.
  • Employees: current employees of SD 79.
  • Community Members: any member of our broader community, including local government, post-secondary partners, community organizations, etc.

Each survey includes questions about our website, the SD 79 brand, and a couple of general communication and social media questions. All of this information is very valuable to us, and will help us improve future online communications.

STEP 3: Select and take a second survey

You are welcome to take more than one survey if you fit into multiple categories. For example, many of our employees are also parents. Each survey is slightly different, and is meant to gather feedback from the point of view of each user group. Please make sure you are answering your survey from the perspective of that user.

STEP 4: Learn more and stay connected!

Click through the rest of this website to learn more about how education in B.C. is changing, watch our new district video highlighting some innovative learning in SD 79, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay connected with us.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project or any of the information being collected, please contact the district’s Communications Specialist:

Thank you again for participating and providing us with your feedback on our website.

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